Festival of Trees 2012

Festival of trees banner.

Thanks to all the club members who donated ornaments for this years tree. The auction was a huge success, with our tree selling for $1750. Thank you to all the participants for showing your support for such a great cause.


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  1. My husband and I want to thank each artist who participated in making the ornaments for the Festival of Trees “Turning Tree.” We purchased the tree at the auction, not knowing how special the ornaments were until the tree was delivered to our home. The one of a kind, carefully crafted, works of art are breathtaking. Throughout the holiday season, family members and guests commented on the beauty of each piece. What a wonderful memory for us and a great cause!

    Are there members of your club that make Christmas ornaments to sell? I would like to purchase some for Christmas gifts next year.

    Thank you,
    Joy and John Haines

    PS., Today as I take down our Christmas tree, I can’t help but again admire the beauty of each ornament! As I place each ornament in the Christmas box, I’m already anticipating the fun we’ll have decorating our family tree next year!

    • Joy Haines
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    • Your very welcome, and thank you for your donation. It was a great project for our club, and what a GREAT cause too! To answer your question, Yes. Many of our members sell the turned ornaments like on your tree. Some of the members ornaments can be found on consignment at Hasting Coastal Woodworks in South Beach. If your looking for specific designs that were on the tree, I am sure we can get you in touch with the artist.

      • Kevin
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