TCW | December Meeting Recap

The meeting had low turn out about ten people, although we did have one new person, Welcome Steve.

We reafirmed the club’s decision to wait and see on the AAW membership. Alan voluntered to
check on the insurance issue, hopefully they will come through with a usable plan.
I joined the AAW this week so all our officers will meet the requirement of being members.

The carvers show is coming up the 18th and 19th, sorry I didnt get the info other than the dates.

We had a good turn out on this months challenge. ( any turned vessel) Alan brought his usual great looking bowls.
Dennis brought a roughed bowl.  Bill Morris had an item in sycamore.
Steve brought a bowl of old growth fir, it looked good with good grain. Its amazing how we over
look the common woods. Rodney brought a great looking birdhouse ornament.
Phil was very prolific this month he had a top, a platter and I think three bowls they all looked great.
I brought a dyed black locus bowl I have been experimenting with.

I want to commend Rodney for bringing up safety incident that happened recently. It helps remind us all
how inportant safety is. I for one turned off the lathe when I moved the tool rest this week.

A big thanks to Dennis, he gave a great demo on roughing out nesting bowls. I liked the demo with the easy tool,
I had never seen one used before. Its always fun to watch the chips fly especially when you get to learn something
at the same time.

All in all I think we had a good meeting thanks to everyone and merry Christmas and a great new year.

I forgot to include a reminder that dues are do this month. Thanks Phil for reminding me I havent paid mine yet. I believe Alan and Rodney collect them.


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